Hi! I'm Leeanna, a creative photographer & videographer in NYC. I graduated from Fordham University with a B.A. in visual arts. Much of my photography experience is self taught, but having the privilege of creating art in my education helped foster my appreciation and love for photography.
I started this creative photography journey to understand what brings me joy and satisfies my inner child - playing pretend! I consider planning photoshoots to be world building. And in these worlds, you can embody everything you are and everything you want to be!
As I've grown, my photography has become a space for women to express themselves. Though my space is open to everyone, my goal is always to create a safe environment for women FIRST! We should be allowed explore our creativity and do so without any discomfort or judgment. I also prioritize having an all women team, so other women in the industry can be a part of creating art!
My mission is to be a a medium for your creative expression. If you have an idea, let's work on it together!
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